Research fees  
1 hour of research in church archives.
The minimum charge for church record research (in cases where the birth place is known) is US $ 120. This amount covers two hours of research incl. expenses like proportional travel costs, archive fees and postage.
US $ 50
1 hour of research in State or Municipal archives US $ 55
Proportional travel costs for research in the central archives at Hannover, Kassel or other cities (depending on distance) from US $ 25
Proportional travel costs for research at Osnabrueck, Braunschweig/ Wolfenbuettel and other cities US $ 60
Literal transcript of church record entry with translation US $ 12
Photocopy of church record entry US $ 5
Draft or translation of letter to registry office or archive US $ 25
Complete Library check of printed sources US $ 100
Check of protestant parishes of Hannover (city) US $ 35
Placename location with historical geographical dictionaries
(Fees for information on archive sources and maps on request)
US $ 15
Personal assistance and advice while you are doing research in Germany on request

An advance payment is requested. Personal checks or postal money orders can be accepted. A detailed bill will be provided together with the research report.

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