List of Parishes
Do you already have a placename for your ancestor’s birthplace and do you think that he or she was protestant? Then you can easily look up this placename in our alphabetical list of parishes of the Lutheran Church of Hannover, giving you the year of the earliest church record available. Maybe the parish you are looking for is among those listed here. We can tell you where the church records are available or assist you with your research. If the placename that you have does not appear in our list, it can still be included in one of the bigger parishes listed here, because many small villages did not have a church of their own. We can check this for you.

Printed Marriage Registers
(17th and early 18th century)
For the places listed here printed marriage registers have been published. We can check them for any name you might be looking for.

For those of you who know that their ancestors came from „Hannover“ but have already learnt the disappointing news that this probably was the Kingdom of Hannover, we can offer our list of printed sources with alphabetical name indeces. These sources that cover various regions of the Kingdom might give you a decisive hint towards the area your ancestor came from and thus make further research possible.

Printed Tax List of 1689
Have you already been able to research your family back into the 17th century? This list provides the names of places that are included in one of the best printed sources for the whole south of Lower Saxony - the printed tax list of 1689 (Kopfsteuerbeschreibung von 1689) and the printed marriage registers for southern Lower saxony and the region around Hannover (Calenberger Land). If you find the place where your ancestors lived around 1700 in this list, it would be well worth looking for them in these sources.

List of Archives
Are you just about to start with your research and want to know where to write to? Our address list of the main archives in Lower Saxony and Hesse might help you to get started.

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