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"Getting reliable, accurate and timely genealogy research in Germany is sometimes too much to ask. I met Dr. Sylvia Moehle over the Internet several years ago when she responded to a research inquiry I had. With her research skills, and what little information I had, I used her research services, and within a few weeks Sylvia had found birth and death records of not only my grandfather but his grandfather and siblings as well. Her results were well beyond the scope of what my expectations were. Furthermore, she provided vital translation of old letters, that led to the discovery of living decendants in Germany!!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Syliva on a recent trip to Hannover. Her courtesy, attention to detail, her knowledge of the country, combined with a working knowledge of the archive system of Germany, gives her unique credentials to get research done in the most timely and cost effective matter.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Sylvia Moehle for your family research needs within Germany. She brings a personal touch to genealogy research, and she "bridges" language barriers, that often interfere with effective communication in research. Her fees are comparable to the fees charged by church and state archives. The only difference is she gets the research done MUCH FASTER !"

David A. Wood, Albuquerque, USA


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