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History of Germany

Internetquellen zur Genealogie des deutschen Sprachraumes
(Andreas Hanacek)

Emigration Data Base

Emigration from Germany to America

R. Winter`s Emigrants Page

The German Emigrants Database
Historisches Museum Bremerhaven)

Research Center German Emigrants in the USA (Unsiversity of Oldenburg)

The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild


Regional Emigrant Lists & (Online-) Databases in Lower Saxony

Bibiography Lower Saxony: Niedersachsen

Göttingen: Namenliste der Göttinger Bürgeraufnahmen 1328 bis 1710/Applications for citizenship at Göttingen 1328-1710, Names

Regionale Genealogie: Hessen

Nachfahren der Salzburger Emigranten von 1732

Registers of ancestors in Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and other regions
(Günter Hansen)

Find your Roots in Germany - Links for Researchers and Travellers

German Emigration Museum (Bremerhaven)


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