The Church records of the Lutheran Church of Hannover
  • This is a list of parishes that belong to the Lutheran Church of Hannover, with the year of their earliest church record. These records are accessible on microfiches up to 1852, some up to 1874, at the Kirchenbuchamt Hannover (see address list).

  • If you should not find the village or town you are looking for, it does not necessarily mean that it does not belong to this Church.
    t might be a very small place that had no church of its own and thus is included in one of the bigger parishes. There are hundreds of cases like that, and only a contemporary geographical dictionary can solve this problem.
    Remember: The place you are looking for could also be a parish in one of the two smaller protestant churches within the territory of the former Kingdom of Hannover.
    Or it could be a catholic village where protestants were included in the catholic church records.

  • We can look up your placename and get the name of the parish which is the key to any further research, whether in protestant or catholic records.

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