You have
...your ancestor’s birthplace in Lower Saxony (former Kingdom of Hannover) or the north of Hesse (formerly Hessen-Kassel) and you would like the church records to be checked for her or his family? Birthplace in Lower Saxony?
...your ancestor’s name, maybe date of birth, and assume that he or she came from "Hannover"? ancestor`s name?
...your ancestor’s place of birth and can´t locate it? ancestor`s name?
...a family tree and want to know more about your ancestors’ living conditions, the social history of the region, or gather more information on your ancestors’ families beyond what the church records offer? a family tree? referring to the time after 1874 when registry offices were founded, and you want to know more about your ancestors? general data?
...already obtained documents or manuscripts with information on your ancestors, and you find it hard reading them? historical manuscripts?
...plans to visit Germany and do research? plans to visit germany?
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